Thursday, 15 May 2008

Perfect Game Los Pequeños Gigantes

The upcoming movie Perfect Game is based on the story of an incredible rag-tag team of young boys from poverty-stricken Monterrey, Mexico, who managed not only to win the Little League World Series in 1957 but also to make a perfect game during the final game!

Perfect Game Los Pequeños GigantesThis team of mighty mites was really amazing. And the public loved them so much creating such a buzz at the time that the US president invited the team to the White House:

The boys had their lifes changed for the better: thanks to their victory a lot of doors opened to them whose majority was coming from economically disadvantaged areas.

And the guys are still kicking and alive nowadays:

Some anniversary video in honor of the little giants, in Spanish.
(Could anyone provide with an English translation?)

They must have a lot to tell to their grandchildren about their adventure for sure!