Friday, 27 June 2008

Perfect Game Official Trailer

In 1957, a barefooted, rag-tag team of boys from poverty-stricken Monterrey, Mexico won the Little League World Series by making a perfect game during the final match. The Perfect is an upcoming movie based on this true story.

The official trailer of Perfect Game has been released, here it is:

Based on a true story.

This Summer:
Feel magic,
Believe in the power,
Play the Game!


The movie Perfect Game looks much better than what I may have expected: the boys are rather credible in their roles. And what to say about Cheech Marin: I just love his Catholic priest outfit!


Anonymous said...

I just saw this trailer at the theater. At first it looks good until they portray white Americans as racist. What's with the homerun ball hitting the state of Texas and turning it upside down. They also hoist up a Mexican flag beside Old Glory. Just another way of degrading our country. Dont watch it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because there were no racist white Americans in Texas in the 1950's...I've seen this film and it is pretty good, formulaic, but most sports underdog films are.

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted the comments about this movie degrading our country is an idiot. It's people like him/her that are degrading our country by making stupid comments about a film that he/she hasn't even seen. Also FYI, there are still many racist Americans no matter what color they are. That is truly degrading to our country, not a sweet movie about a group of kids playing little league baseball.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster here. They portray whites as bigots against these kids, then the kids knock the Texas flag upside down and hoist a Mexican flag up in the next scene as to imply the Mexico flag was a replacement for the Texas Flag. Furthermore, Louis Gossitt Jr. (Black man) tells the LL Coach he knows how it feels to be the underdog. Who are they kidding? They are implying whites oppress minorities and all minorities are in the same boat. The film makers are pretty despicable. They should make a film where all races are working together for a common goal not push the idea of minorities against whites. I already made it clear to my kids what they are implying and we will be spending our $$ elsewhere. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The first and last commentators are idiots, the movie only reflects the reality about racism in USA on the fifties, it's a true story, it's not an invention; if you can't accept it it's your problem.

And to the moron arguing about the mexican flag, please be informed first, the mexican flag beside the american flag is because both countries were finalists on the Little League Baseball World Series in 1957, the mexican team from Monterrey played with La Mesa, California team.

Cary Cadena said...

I can remember when this LL team won the World Series in 1957. I was an 11 year old LL player of Mexican-American descent playing in Texas. And with great clarity I recall a vast amount of racism, towards Black and Mexican Americans. Racism, even on my own LL team in Needville, Tx. Racist, Bigots? Just Texas, 1957. So please posters do not think for a minute that what these young men accomplished, was nothing short of "Perfect". P.S. a White American wrote the script.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am very dissapointed that Lionsgate has pushed be a release date for this film. I was looking forward to taking my family to view this film. This film based on a true story during the late 1950's when segregation was rampant. The Mexican flag was raised during this film next to the American flag, however it was not replacing it and was hanging lower than the American flag. It does not portray whites as racists and that isn't the intent of the film. The film depicts the struggle that the Monterrey team went through during their quest of being Little League World Series champions. This film is educational as it is entertaining. Those who can not accept the segregated past of the United States will not be able to also see the accomplishments of this nation. There is no degradation of this country, there is binational pride and the coming together of people of different ethnic backgrounds.